SEO Keyword Search – Organic Keyword Value (OKV) is important.

What is Organic Keyword Value (OKV) and why is it important?

When researching for the best SEO Keyword Search to use for your webpage Organic Keyword Value (OKV) is an important SEO metric to use.  This metric helps you compare the cost of your SEO Content Marketing efforts against the cost of your PPC Paid Search Advertising in Google Adwords.

We calculate this number with the following formula:

OKV = # of clicks on the SERP link x average CPC for the keyword

The ultimate goal is to have your OKV be higher than your actual Cost of that Keywords you are paying for in Google Adwords.

PPC is a Sprint and SEO is a Marathon

To determine whether to pay for keywords on Google with PPC or take time and spend money on SEO keyword search, content writing and production it is really a matter of 2 factors.

Time and Money.

How long is your marketing program and how long do you want the content to last?

How much do you want to spend on your marketing program and creating your content?

If you have a short marketing program, for example, an upcoming event it would probably be more cost efficient to pay for Adwords for a limited time and create a landing page to entice and capture leads.


If you are a topic authority and can cost-effectively write a blog article or produce a video or podcast with a transcript and promote the content through Social Media Marketing, and Earned traffic the total cost of that effort will in the long run generally will be less expensive that paying constantly for clicks on that keyword.

Please contact us to see how to determine the OKV for your website.