Example Website Brief

Here is a brief punch list of the items we can offer when setting up a new website creation and starter marketing program for your business.

This package can range between $3500 – $8000 depending on the complexity of the project and the amount of work required in gathering and creating all the necessary content, social media pages, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) startup programs that will allow your business to be found by your target customers.

  • Website Hosting for 1 year and domain registration.
  • Website Theme selection
    • We will work with you to setup the best theme for your company and will adjust and plug in the images that you give us.
    • If you already have a website we can evaluate it and make landing page and content recommendations to help improve your conversion rate or drive more target customers to your website through SEO optimization.
  • Design and create several pages of content optimized for SEO.
    • We will need the actual copy from you initially and can then evaluate it for SEO and add it to the pages.
    • Example pages
      • Homepage
      • About Us Page
      • Services or Menu Page
      • 3-5 sub service or product pages as needed
        • Sub service and product pages will be optimized for the particular topic and will link from your master services page.
        • Optionally this could be setup through Google Merchant Center and Woocommerce
      • Contact Us page
        • This will be setup to email responses to you and will be tracked as Goals in analytics. We will also create a pop under so people can contact you from any page or specific pages from your website.
      • Testimonials / Portfolio page
        • We will need testimonials if you have them and will setup a marketing program that will create an easy way for customers to rate, review, and give transparent feedback on your business.
        • We will need multiple images with descriptions of the work that was done along with a customer testimonials if possible.
      • Additional pages as needed ($300 each additional page)
      • Import of blog posts and 301 redirects from older original content as needed
  • Google Analytics Setup
    • This allows us to look under the hood to see how your website is performing and where your customers are coming from. This will be used for tracking purposes and monthly reporting.
    • Google Data Studio Dashboard
    • We will setup an online dashboard that you can easily access at any time that will show you how your website is performing and will track Key Performance Indications (KPIs) such as:
      • The number of people visiting your website.
      • Where your visitors are located.
      • How many pages they look at.
      • How much time they spend.
      • What devices they are using.
      • The cost of your Google ads or paid media spend.
      • The average cost per click you are paying.
      • The average cost per lead you are paying.
      • The conversion rate of your website for the visitors to your website and how many convert to leads
      • The return on your Ad spend or (ROAS) to let you know for example for every $100 you spend on advertising you are getting $400 in return which would be 400% ROAS
      • The keywords people are searching for to find your website
      • The Organic Keyword Value (OKV) that is driving traffic to your website. The OKV is essentially the equivalent of what you would have spent if you paid for someone to click on an adword link that targeting that keyword.
  • Facebook Page setup or evaluation  (If you have or want one)
  • Instagram Page setup or evaluation (If you have or want one)
  • Facebook Ads setup with 2 initial ads*
  • Google Adwords account setup with 2 initial ads*
  • Google My Business Page (We will need your business address and the registration code that you get in the mail from Google to verify your listing)
  • 1 hour of maintenance a month for the next year upon launch.
  • Monthly PDF report on traffic and leads from website
The monthly advertising budget and ad spend will be charged to a credit card you specify and set at a monthly budget you approve.
We typically recommend spending $200-$400 per month on both Facebook and Google Adwords targeting your target market.
We will also work with you to come up with a budget that aligns with the value per customer for your business ensuring that there is actual Return on Investment (ROI) from the digital marketing programs that are setup and a profitable ROAS for your Ad Spend.