SEO, SEM, and Digital Marketing Consultant

We Connect you to your customers. is operated by Brian Kenyon a Website Consultant and Digital Marketing Strategist who lives in the North Shore Boston Area.

We design, develop and deploy digital marketing programs and websites utilizing Drupal 8 and WordPress.

We reduce our clients’ Cost Per Lead (CPL) and focus on the most efficient and economical digital marketing tactics to drive traffic to your website in the most cost effective manner possible.

We assist and train our clients in the latest digital marketing, SEO, digital advertising, paid search, and social media promotion channels to make their content and websites more effective at reaching their target audience and growing their brand awareness.

We follow a 3Cs process.

First we consult with you and determine your business goals and objectives and WHY you need your website.

Connecting your website and marketing systems is critical to plan the best next actions for increasing your relevant traffic utilizing tracked Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Website Analytics, competitive analysis, and then determine WHAT your website needs to perform better and where the gaps are to grow your business.

Creating effective content is king, and we help you obtain leads through your website by optimizing the user experience (UX), enhancing the design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your content, competitive keyword research, and will utilize the latest digital marketing tactics and paid advertising methodologies to increase your brand awareness and drive quality traffic and customers to your website.

We will finally teach you best practices in SEO, Digital Marketing and Advertising, Social Media, Paid Search, and HOW your team can be most effective in managing the content you create for your website and social media and will train you how utilize the dashboards and systems we have setup to aid you in your content production.